Commercial Kitchen Hood Installations Explained

Commercial Kitchen Hood Installations Explained

A kitchen hood is a vital piece of equipment in any restaurant kitchen. The hood helps to maintain air quality and maintain a healthy and safe environment for your staff and diners caused by fumes, heat, smoke, and grease.

Here’s what you should know about restaurant hood installations:

Planning for a Hood Installation 

Since all commercial kitchens are different, each hood installation will need to be carried out a bit differently. This is why working with an experienced hood installation company is vital, as they will understand what is needed to plan and prepare for your new kitchen hood installation. 

At Hood Services 24, we can handle all aspects of hood installations from planning to installation to maintenance. Keep in mind that if all of the details of the installation are not planned out correctly, the installation is will not be done perfectly, and your restaurant will suffer the consequences. Choosing a reputable company that has extensive experience and understands how to adhere to NFPA guidelines and building codes is vital. 

Kitchen Hood Installation Steps

The installation of commercial kitchen hoods includes several steps, all of which must be followed correctly. 

Safety Codes:

The safety of the workers is important during the actual installation. It’s vital that all safety codes are being followed during the installation and the installers are wearing the appropriate gear and utilizing the correct tools to minimize the risk of injury during the hood installation. 

Hood Positioning

The installation of a kitchen hood requires specific processes to be followed regarding the positioning of the hood in your kitchen. It’s necessary that the hood is hung properly and adequately supported so it can hold the weight of the hood. In some cases, the installer may have to make adjustments throughout the process to ensure it is properly positioned. 

Elevate Hood Bottom

When installing a restaurant kitchen hood, the installation must be done in compliance with both national and local codes that indicate how many feet the hood must be installed from the ground. If this criteria isn’t met, the restaurant hood installation will be considered in violation of code.

Duct Work

The ductwork is another consideration that must be taken into account when installing a commercial kitchen hood. The welding of the ducts must be done in such a way that leaves no gaps or leaks otherwise you risk problems in the future. 

Additional Considerations

When installing a commercial kitchen range hood grease filters, grease cups, and proper lighting also must be installed along with the hood. Once the hood has been installed and positioned correctly, these additional installations must be completed. 

Additionally, prior to the installation process, it’s important that you ensure all of the electrical components in your kitchen are run properly and in order. Commercial kitchen hoods must also be able to be vented outside of the building other you will create a fire hazard. 

As you can see the commercial hood installation process is complex and requires the assistance of a professional hood installation company. 

Hire a Professional Range Hood Installation Company Today 

Whether you need assistance in selecting the right type of commercial hood for your restaurant kitchen as well as having the hood installed and maintained, Hood Services 24 can help. We provide commercial kitchen hood installations, kitchen hood repairs, kitchen exhaust fan repair and replacement, makeup air unit repair and replacement, hood and duct cleaning, and fire protection and suppression services to ensure your equipment runs at its’ best. Contact us today.


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