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My fan went down in middle of lunch, so I called Hood Services 24. They came within an hour and a half and serviced our motor that had gone bad. The fan was up and running perfectly by our dinner rush. I had no troubles or complaints with them. The job was done with professionalism, speed, knowledge. I highly recommend them!

Fitness Grill (Randolph, NJ)

When we realized our fan was not working properly, we called Hood Services 24 for a service call to see what was going on. A technician made it out the same day within hours. After diagnosing the problem, it was only a belt that had snapped, which was repaired quickly and the price was just right. We’re glad to know there is such a reliable company to call when immediate attention is required.

Mario’s (Randolph, NJ)

I highly recommend Hood Services 24. Walking into our pizzeria one morning, we realized the fan did not turn on. We made a call to them to discuss the problem. A technician came within the hour. Our fan had broken down and was replaced the same day. The attention to detail was impeccable. This happening on one of the hottest days of the year could have been a potential disaster for our workers and customers. Hood Services 24 had us up and running in no time. A big thank you to them!

Stadium Pizza (Jersey City, NJ)

My restaurant fan was not working correctly, so I contacted Hood Services 24. They came very quickly and examined all possible issues. Within no time, they identified the problem and had my fan working shortly after. Having called in the morning, we were able to serve lunch with no problem. They handled the situation with great professionalism and skill. They are a great company to consider for any problems you may experience!

McDonald’s (Paterson, NJ)

When I walked into to my restaurant to turn my fan on, it would not properly work. It was a Friday, typically our busiest day of the week. Having the fan not work would highly set us back. I called Hood Services 24 and they came very quickly. The resolved the issue going on and my fan was fully functioning for the rest of the day. They gave me a great price for a great service. I definitely recommend them for any problems you may encounter in the future.

Hilton Garden (Kerri, NJ)

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