Kitchen Hood Fire Protection Systems

Having preventive measures for fire and other emergencies in your restaurant ensures a safe work environment for your employees and a safe dining experience for your customers.

The kitchen can be a dangerous environment, especially when working with open flames. It’s important to take care when operating in them, but accidents do happen. Through our partner Firetex LLC, we offer three main options in the event of a fire or emergency: fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and fire suppression systems. Ensure that your kitchen and restaurant are safe for both employees and customers.

This ensures that your kitchen and restaurant are safe for both employees and customers.

For smart and fast fire protection, look no further than professional fire suppression systems.
We can provide a wide range of possibilities to prevent fires from wreaking havoc at your place of business.
We provide both chemical and commercial kitchen fire suppression systems.

Fire Suppression systems help you stay compliant, meet insurance requirements, and promote safety in commercial kitchens.


In addition to installing systems and training your employees on how to use them, we also provide inspections and maintenance on your fire system.

Fire suppression system maintenance includes:

  • Testing and cleaning all detectors
  • Verifying shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Verifying cylinder pressures and weights
  • Checking for changes in hazard integrity
  • Checking input and output circuit supervision
  • Simulating system discharge and testing releasing circuits
  • Visually inspecting agent piping and nozzles
  • Checking hydrotest dates for cylinders and discharge hoses

Please contact our partner company Firetex LLC @ 1-800-250-2189 for your fire protection needs.

Emergency Lighting

In the event of an emergency, points of egress should be made visible through the use of exit signs and various forms of lighting. Proper lighting facilitates safe movement through the building, prevents panic, and contributes to timely evacuation. It’s an essential facet of any safe structure, and if these systems are not maintained, it could result in disaster. When you call upon our services, we will make sure that your emergency lighting is up to code by charging battery systems, replacing bulbs, and maintaining other hardware as needed.

Servicing and maintenance will ensure that:

  • Lights will work during an emergency
  • Facility security will be streamlined
  • Emergency egress from your building will be safe
  • System downtime will be minimized
  • Costs from injury and claims will be reduced

Our partner company Firetex LLC (1-800-250-2189) has a team of expert technicians who will help you maintain and provide regular inspections of these critical safety systems by:

  • Inspecting units for proper installation and for secure mounting.
  • Inspecting for correct location and quantity of lights for occupancy.
  • Performing load tests of batteries with electronic load simulator.
  • Verifying proper charging voltage of unit.
  • Inspecting bulbs for proper operation and illumination.
emergency exit sign

Please contact our partner company Firetex LLC @ 1-800-250-2189 for your fire protection needs.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Having a portable means of extinguishing fires is critical in the event of an emergency. Fire extinguishers give you a means of preventing the fire from spreading to the rest of the building, especially while waiting for the fire department to arrive.

Aside from fire extinguishers, the team of highly trained professionals at our partner company – Firetex LLC – can provide services so that you understand:

  • How many extinguishers you need.
  • What size and type are required.
  • The required locations of the extinguishers.

Whether you own an office building or a restaurant, we have the knowledge and the professionals required to easily install fire extinguishers while abiding by fire code regulations. But now that you have fire extinguishers, you have to know how to use them properly–let us help you with that too! Our team of professional technicians can instruct your staff on the proper operating procedures of fire extinguishers and also provide inspection services.

Our fire inspection services include:

  • Annual inspections: The NFPA 10 and your local jurisdiction require inspections, as detailed under REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS on the right.
  • 6-Year Maintenance – The extinguisher is broken down and checked for damage. The “O” ring and gaskets are replaced and the extinguisher is recharged.
  • Hydro Test – Every 12 years the extinguisher is broken down and emptied. The cylinder is tested for defects. If the cylinder passes it is recharged and put back in service. (Required every 5 years for CO2, Water, and K Class.)
portable fire extinguishers

Please contact our partner company Firetex LLC @ 1-800-250-2189 for your fire protection needs.

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