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Maintaining your commercial kitchen’s hood and ducts are critical for the safe operation of your food service business.

Every day, your hood’s filters and duct work build up a layer of grease.

Neglecting the proper cleaning of your exhaust hood and ducts can lead to the possibility of being shut down for health code violations or even cause a deadly grease fire.

Avoid damaging your property or endangering the health and wellness of your staff by cleaning your restaurant’s hood and ductwork before there are any issues.

Okay, but are there restaurant hood cleaning services near me?

Yes. Hood Services 24 recommends that our customers who need commercial kitchen hood and duct cleaning services in NJ should contact our partner company Nitti’s Hood Cleaning. Nitti’s Hood Cleaning service offers the same high-quality service you have come to expect from Hood Services 24. Nitti’s Hood Cleaning services always follow local fire code and comply with all the NFPA Code 96. The company’s experienced service technicians only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and inspect your kitchen exhaust system after every cleaning to make sure it is working correctly.

How often do you need to clean your kitchen’s exhaust system?

The simple answer is that you need to clean your kitchen’s hood before you can notice any significant grease or carbon build-up.
Besides following your local health and fire codes concerning cleaning, the frequency you need
to clean your hood depends on the volume and type of cooking in your kitchen.

  • Extremely high-volume restaurants and restaurants which use wood or charcoal for cooking should clean their hoods every month.
  • High-volume facilities need restaurant hood cleaning services every three months.
  • Restaurants with table service and moderate food sales should concern cleaning twice a year.
  • Seasonal or limited-service restaurants require annual hood and ducts cleaning.

If, during the repair of your exhaust system, any of our technicians discover that it is overdue for a cleaning, we will inform you.

Schedule emergency serving for your restaurant hood and ducts or call set up a routine with our partner company Nitti’s Hood and Duct Cleaning at 1-800-722-1655.

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