The Necessity of Routine Maintenance and Restaurant Hood Repair

The Necessity of Routine Maintenance and Restaurant Hood Repair

Your commercial kitchen hood is a vital part of your restaurant kitchen and needs to be working properly at all times. To ensure this, you need to have it serviced regularly and repaired as needed. Without this, you risk needing costly repairs, or even a hood replacement, as well as downtime for your restaurant which can be even more expensive. 

The restaurant hood is also known as the range hood or grease hood. As mentioned, it is a very important part of your kitchen equipment and the ventilation system. The hood is a key component of the overall ventilation system for your restaurants and works to exhaust grease, oil, and smoke as well as heat, moisture, and kitchen odors. A kitchen hood helps maintain the balance of air in your restaurant kitchen, and maintain a pleasant environment for your staff and customers.

Due to the importance of this piece of equipment, it’s important not to overlook this equipment from a maintenance perspective. When a range hood is not routinely cleaned, maintained, and repaired as needed, it can cause major problems and possibly even cause a fire. 

Signs Your Commercial Hood Needs Maintenance

Here are some signs that indicate it is time to schedule restaurant hood maintenance:

Tips for Maintaining Your Hood

Your hood filters should also be cleaned on a regular basis, which depending upon your operation, may need to be done daily. All surfaces of the hood should also be washed with soapy water at least once a week. This is because a buildup of dirt and grease on fans puts stress on the motors, and may negatively impact the reverse draw of the exhaust fan. This will cause smoke, soot, steam, and heat to not be pulled away from your building, and increases the risk of a fire.

If you notice smoke is not clearing from your kitchen properly or the motors are becoming louder, contact a professional hood repair service contractor to complete an inspection and make the necessary repairs. Remember, repair costs will be lower when problems are caught early, so it is worth it to keep a watchful eye on your system’s performance.

Signs Your Restaurant Hood Needs Repair

It’s time to schedule kitchen hood repair services when you notice the following:  

Where to Find Restaurant Hood Repair Near Me

We are a commercial kitchen hood repair company servicing commercial kitchens throughout Connecticut. We are Certified and follow NFPA 96 guidelines. We provide commercial restaurant hood repairs as well as maintenance for your unit. When you are in need of repair, our technicians work to get your Connecticut restaurant up and running as fast as possible.

Best Hood Repair Experts

For Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia restaurant owners, it’s important you make routine maintenance of your range hood a regular part of kitchen duties for your staff. You should also contract with commercial kitchen repair and installation experts for routine maintenance and any needed repairs as needed. 

If you are the manager or chef of a restaurant, cafe, or any other food service facility contact us today. We provide commercial hood repair and installation services for any sized professional kitchen in the NJ/NY/CT/PA (Philly) area. Our company is fully certified and strictly follows the NFPA 96 guidelines.


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