5 Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Tips

5 Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Tips

In this blog, we’ve compiled some great commercial vent hood cleaning tips to help you keep your restaurant clean and free of grease. By following these tips and maintaining your restaurant hood you will help make sure your equipment is able to work efficiently, and last longer.

Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning System Tips

Here are some of our top hood cleaning tips:

Tip #1: Use the Right Filter

Use the right kind of hood filter is a very important aspect of ensuring that your vent hood will function properly and capture and contain the fats, oils, and grease emitted in your kitchen. If you aren’t sure which filter is right for your needs, our team can help you determine the right filter and how many filters you need for your hood system.

In addition to choosing the right type of filter, you also need to make sure you are using the right size filter to ensure the entire opening of your vent hood is covered. 

Tip #2: Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Should Be Done Frequently

Regular commercial hood cleanings help ensure your restaurant hood is able to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Most restaurants need to be cleaning their restaurant vent hood daily, however, some restaurants with lower activity volume can clean their kitchen hoods less frequently. For example, a fast-food restaurant will need to clean their vent hood more frequently than a deli that only grills a few items. 

Most hood filters can be easily and quickly cleaned by hand using hot soapy water. They may also be submerged overnight in a soak tank if you have one in your kitchen. It is important to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations first before cleaning your filter to ensure you are doing it correctly. 

Tip #3: Install Duct Access Doors

The inside of ducts can be extremely difficult to reach and clean. That is why duct access doors must be installed in evenly spaced increments along your duct work. These access doors are very easy to install and enable you to easily maintain and inspect your ducts. It also makes it easier to clean and remove fats, oils, and grease from your duct work, which in turn helps to decrease your risk of a fire in your ducts and will help your vent hood work better. 

Tip #4: Install an Exhaust Fan Access Panel

Exhaust fan access panels are yet another simple and easy way to help keep your kitchen ventilation system cleaned and maintained. These clean-out access points allow you to easily reach the interior of the fan for cleaning and maintenance. Once installed, your exhaust fan access port will enable you to keep an eye on your upblast exhaust fan blades and ensure they are free of grease buildup and are clean. 

Tip #5: Install an Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit

Installing an upblast exhaust fan hinge kit is another way to ensure your vent hood system is kept clean. Another benefit of an exhaust fan hinge kit is that it also can protect your roof, your fan, and your fan base from being damaged during routine maintenance, cleanings, or inspection. 

Hinge kits create a hinge between the fan bowl and the fan base which keeps the exhaust fan locked in an open position, and does not open too far or slam back onto the person that is accessing the fan’s interior. Since these hinges allow the fan to be opened while still attached to the fan base they subsequently protect the fan components from potential damage.


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