How to Ensure Maximum Ventilation in Your Restaurant Kitchen

How to Ensure Maximum Ventilation in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Having proper ventilation in your commercial kitchen is a vital part of the design of your restaurant. Finding and installing the correct restaurant hood, and ventilation system will ensure your kitchen can function efficiently and ensure the smooth operation of your business. Here are three helpful tips to ensure the ventilation is designed in a way that ensures the success of your restaurant’s kitchen.

Ensure You Have the Necessary Ventilation

Every restaurant requires two types of ventilation to guarantee things run smoothly – these are general ventilation and necessary ventilation. 

Necessary ventilation can be accomplished using an exhaust hood. This hood will capture and filter all of the heat, smoke, fumes, and any other air particles that should not be in your kitchen. Your kitchen vent hood is another vital component to the ventilation system of your restaurant. This hood is typically installed to the top of your ovens or wall-mounted. 

For necessary ventilation, your kitchen also requires makeup air. Since air is continuously exhausted out of your restaurant, you need to take in the appropriate amount of air to compensate for the exhausted air. If this process doesn’t occur, your restaurant will have poor air quality, back venting, become drafty or stuffy, and have an overall reduced energy efficiency.

Finally, your kitchen needs a fire suppression system that is integrated with your commercial exhaust hoods. This system must be installed according to local building codes. Since fire is the number one cause of damage in a restaurant kitchen, a fire suppression system is vital. Your fire suppression system should be cleaned and maintained annually by a licensed professional.

Ensure You Have General Ventilation

General ventilation refers to the ventilation systems that are helpful but not as vital as the necessary ventilation systems.  Makeup air generally comes from a variety of sources in your restaurant including the rooftop intake unit as well as properly screened windows and doors. General ventilation can be considered simple things such as installing shutters on kitchen windows and opening doors or windows. These are also great practices for cooling your restaurant and allowing fresh air to come inside.

If your restaurant kitchen is still too hot for the comfort of your diners and staff, you should consider adding fans to your restaurant’s general ventilation. You may have to test various placements for the fan in order to find that spot that works best for air circulation. Keep in mind that fans should be aimed away from food and prep areas. Fans also should not interfere with your exhaust fans. If you do decide to utilize fans in your restaurant, be sure to keep their blades and systems clean and maintained.

Integrate Your Restaurant’s HVAC System

Another great tip to implement in your commercial kitchen is integrating your HVAC system with your ventilation system. This is one of the best ways to ensure there is proper ventilation being circulated throughout the entire restaurant. Don’t forget that you need to consider your kitchen and dining areas when it comes to air quality.

Installing central air conditioning is a great option for any restaurant since portable fans or window air conditioners can’t be used around your hood vent system. These items can cause hot air to be forced out from under the hood and push it into the dining room, which can also violate building code. This is why t’s best for any type of cooling system in a commercial kitchen to be handled by a professional technician.

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