8 Problems Solved By a Makeup Air Unit

8 Problems Solved By a Makeup Air Unit

Not sure how you can tell if your restaurant is getting the necessary amount of replacement air needed for your restaurant to operate properly? Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate you need a replacement makeup air unit for your kitchen.

1. Unpleasant Odors

A makeup air unit in your commercial kitchen allows for better control of airflow, which helps redirect cooking odors away from where your customers are in dining areas.

2. Negative Air Pressure 

Any air balance problems that result from inadequate replacement air can create many annoying issues in your restaurant. These may include drafts, doors that are hard to open, or even doors that slam shut with no warning. You may also hear distracting whines and other noises as uncontrolled drafts move around your restaurant. 

These issues all occur with a negative air pressure system because the air is finding its way in through windows, doors, and any available crack in your restaurant. In these instances, you’ll also notice high-velocity cross drafts that can make your diners and your staff uncomfortable. Additionally, this can cause dust to be blown around and end up in the food. 

All these issues can add up to a very unpleasant dining experience that could cause you to lose customers.

3. Back Drafting 

Your restaurant kitchen is designed with draft stacks or chimneys that are meant to vent dangerous carbon monoxide and other byproducts from your heating systems and cooking appliances. 

In a negative air pressure situation created by inadequate supply air, those drafts that should be escaping outside can move back into your restaurant. This means that anyone inside could be breathing in potentially dangerous substances.

4. HVAC Problems

If chimneys are not drafting properly in your building, you may experience problems with your heating systems. Such problems may include pilot lights extinguishing on their own and sustaining damage to stacks and heat exchangers.

5. Excess Grease in the Kitchen

If your kitchen exhaust system isn’t working well, you’ll likely notice that there is more grease building up on the surfaces in your kitchen. This will also result in your staff having to spend more time cleaning.

6. Poorly Performing Exhaust Hoods

If you don’t have a makeup air unit for your kitchen or if your existing unit needs repair, you’ll find that your exhaust hoods can’t do their job as well. This is because the lack of supply air causes an increase in static pressure which in turn lowers the cubic feet per minute of air your kitchen equipment can remove from your space.

7. Air Quality Issues 

Air quality concerns shouldn’t be taken lightly especially when it comes to the health of your staff and employees. The smoke and VOCs let off by cooking appliances can create a number of air quality concerns in your kitchen and even your dining areas. Constant exposure to these substances can lead to respiratory problems for your staff and diners.

8. Higher Energy Bills 

If your restaurant is lacking replacement air, another issue that may arise is an imbalance in the heating and cooling conditions of your restaurant. If you find that you are constantly needing to adjust the temperature controls, open windows, use fans, or crank the heat your makeup air unit is likely in need of repair. Another sign there is an issue is noticing your energy bills have increased. 

Have you noticed any of these issues in your restaurant? Investing in a new or replacement makeup air unit for your kitchen may be necessary. Or, if you have an existing makeup air unit, it may be in need of repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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